Technology as a cornerstone

Technology is the foundation for innovation. Connected with current trends in the digital environment, we transform challenges into business opportunities by developing solutions that involves the most advanced technologies available on the market. We are specialists in developing bleeding-edge, Web, open-source and open-standard technologies.
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Focus on the product

Good ideas turned into market value. Our job is to bring projects to life by creating technological products with high perceived value. Our team has extensive experience in product development. Count on our team from conception to deployment. We participate, organize and manage the project from start to finish, letting the client focus on the business.
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We make everything work at the best cost, in the shortest time. We use advanced software techniques, conducted by recognized and experienced professionals. The maker culture is present and rooted in our team. We love solving problems of any kind, and not only that, we love proposing solutions to big problems.
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About Us

About Us
From the experience of three recognized professionals in the market, a solution focused on complex problems emerges. Jaydson Gomes and Felipe Nascimento are founders of BrazilJS, the company responsible for and creator of BrazilJS Conf, the largest JavaScript conference in the world. Over the last 20 years, the two have worked in major players in the market, startups, software houses and agencies. Their path crossed that of Cesar Paz, a renowned professional in the market since the 1990s. Cesar was founder, CEO and chairman of the Board of Directors of AG2, the largest agencies in Brazil in the 2000s. And this partnership gave rise to On2. We are not an agency or a software factory. We overcome challenges based on understanding each client's market, optimizing their results.
We have the ability to follow the entire development cycle of a business, helping to solve any problems that arise during the journey. All this thanks to an experienced team, ready to participate in every step: consulting, design, analysis, planning, development and maintenance. We work with several technologies, including the most advanced on the market. We choose solutions that deliver the best results, with the best performance and scalability. Our technology stack is tested by our experts and the biggest companies in the world. All this has brought us here and has already won the trust of customers and partners such as Toyota Brasil, Toyota Argentina, KINTO Brasil, Alright and Eyxo. Complex and robust projects move us.


Modern Infrastructure with AWS

Toyota en Brasil

Evolution of Web Applications

Toyota en Brasil

KINTO Brasil Website and CMS

KINTO Mobility

Car rental web application

KINTO Mobility

Eyxo Website and CMS

Eyxo Innovation Strategies

Humanitarian Coverage site and CMS

ICRC in Brazil

On2 in the Media

Estadão interviews our dev Gabriel Gomes

It's through the search for the transformation of spaces and the empowerment of black people that our developer Gabriel Gomes de Oliveira Costa is at ESTADÃO telling about his participation in the reality show C0D3RS Championship, available on Amazon Prime Video.

Padrinho produces a new frame for the 'N²' podcast

The first edition of the new podcast 'N²', by On2, a technology company, is now on the air. Produced and edited by Padrinho Content and Assessoria, 'The C-Level Show' brings professionals from the market to discuss business and the main trends in the area.

ON2 creates platform for Toyota

ON2, a software development company from Rio Grande do Sul, is creating an e-commerce platform for Toyota Argentina, offering cars to the final public.

Is there freedom in digital territories?

In a hyperconnected world, there is an increasing need to critically analyze not only the way we inhabit digital territories, but also the resistance strategies we use to practice the exercise of freedom within the virtual world. After all, to what extent are we free in the life we ​​lead online?

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