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Values ​​On2

Freedom only exists with responsibility

We believe that we should have a high level of freedom and autonomy at work. However, it will only work if coupled with a high level of responsibility.

Value a light work environment and good relationships

Having a good work environment is the basic premise so that we can overcome moments of tension and then enjoy moments of relaxation.

Remember to raise your hand

'Anyone' can and should expose the problems identified in the projects or in the company. We need to ask for help, quickly, for everything that gets in the way of us and the customer.

Communication and organization are essential

Every project needs well-defined meetings and ways to record impediments and deliverables. The existence and maintenance of these points are responsibility of all team members.

Be a quality vigilant

We are creators and maintainers of high quality code. However, a problem is always better solved when we go beyond technology, understanding the context of projects and customers.

Take a critical look at market behavior

We believe that the market produces, to some extent, behaviors and patterns that influence inappropriate agreements or unproductive processes. Attention is needed to identify and address these points in the possible best way, project by project.

Diversity and inclusion

We need to have a conscious view on social issues in our community, always taking into account more than one way of thinking and acting. ON2 is committed to finding ways to contribute to the inclusion and diversity of people, both in business and in the technology industry.

Benefits and partnerships

Anywhere office

Flexible schedule

Annual bonus

Food/meal voucher

Home office assistance

Education aid

Medical insurance

Dental insurance

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Our Creditas partnership has a store for purchasing products with discounts, on-demand salary advances, in addition to offering content on financial education.

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Platform for Performance Assessment, Goal Management or OKRs, Surveys, Feedbacks, 1:1s, PDI, Succession Planning and People Analytics

Team Vision

Imagem de Dhayana Nascimento, Desenvolvedora FrontEnd

Dhayana Nascimento

FrontEnd Developer

I am very proud to work at ON2. It is a company that always encourages me to develop and challenge myself with a view to my professional growth, the relationship with colleagues is always very respectful and they are always willing to listen and help, making us always feel valued.

Imagem de Kevin Almeida, Desenvolvedor BackEnd

Kevin Almeida

BackEnd Developer

What I like most about working at On2 is the company's atmosphere, with great colleagues, a light and relaxed atmosphere that makes me sure I'm in the right place. The experience with the team is another very strong point, there is always exchange of experiences and knowledge to evolve more and more!

Imagem de Carla Zanchetta, Project Manager

Carla Zanchetta

Project Manager

Trust, openness and companionship are the main characteristics that mark my work at On2. Being part of a diverse team, engaged and passionate about technology is extremely stimulating and is the perfect recipe to offer the best solutions to our customers. Dialogue spaces , constant feedback and training opportunities make On2's environment perfect for my personal and professional growth. The positive impact that exists when the company really cares about the people it collaborates with is undeniable.

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